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Online private chat options:

If you have someone you'd like to chat with privately, we'd recommend using some of the following (free!) tools to talk online. To use a lot of these options, you must have other people's email addresses or usernames to chat. Because of this, we hope you'll only use these resources to talk to people you already know. However, TinyChat is a good option if you want to talk to someone but don't want to exchange this type of personal information!

This tool doesn't have a video chat option. It's basically a free texting plan - you need a smartphone to use it, but you can invite other people to be in your contacts via email, text, Twitter, or Facebook. GroupMe is another option that basically does the same thing.

Unlike Google Hangouts, Skype requires you to download some software in order to use it (but it's free). You'll also need to know other people's usernames to chat with them.

Chat with video or text (plus a bunch of other features). You'll need a Gmail account to sign up, but it's totally free. Also remember you'll need the other person's email address to chat!

Google Hangouts

Allows you to talk to people without exchanging personal information. Just sign up to get your link, then share the link with whoever you want to talk to.


Prefer to meet new people through chatting, but don't want to give out your personal info using the options above? Try some of these LGBTQ youth-friendly chat rooms. Please be cautious in these chat rooms and try to avoid giving out your personal information to strangers. We definitely want you to have a good time and meet new people, though - so consider reading these tips for chat room safety before joining a conversation!

Online public communities:

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