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Out Proud Net

 A resource for and by LGBTQIA+ youth. 




Talk to other LGBTQ+ young people from many different places by using one of our suggested chat options.

Check out our resources page for websites, blogs, YouTube channels, books, and lots of other stuff that will help you navigate the world as someone who identifies as LGBTQ+!

Interested in starting an LGBTQ+ peer group at your school? Our program guide can help you get started.


Wondering what this whole thing is about? Basically, you can think of this site as a "hub" for LGBTQ+ young people to get connected to talk online, find resources from all corners of the internet, and have support setting up a peer-based LGBTQ+ group at your school.


Y'all are net-savvy - yet there are barely any sites out there designed for LGBTQ+ youth. Too many of those spaces are meant for teachers and parents, not young people themselves. This site is here to change that. Out Proud Net is aimed at putting you in the driver's seat with a bunch of different empowerment tools.

Almost a Kiss
Pride Parade
Same Sex Male Couple
Couple Showing Affection
Pride Parade
Couple Showing Affection


Some of the many topics covered on our resources page:



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